Ouo.io URL Shortener Review: Scam or legit? Signup, Payment Proof, Rates

Ouo.io URL Shortener Review

Ouo.io is a leading URL shortening service that allows you to shorten your links and make money with them.

Earn money for every visitor to your shortened links with ouo.io!

Is Ouo.io a Scam or Legit?

Ouo.io is a URL Shortener website that claims you can start making money just by shortening links and sharing them.

In fact, it even claims you can make huge money so it might seem very appealing at first.

But is Ouo.io a scam or is it really a legit way to earn money online?

Ouo.io Website

This ouo.io website review will show you all the things you are not usually told so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to join the website.

What is Ouo.io and what does it offer?

There are quite a lot of websites that offer you to make money by shortening links online. Ouo.io is one of these sites.

When I first started looking into this website, I was surprised by how little information I could find. A lot of the reviews I could find seemed like they were mostly interested in selling the idea to you to make commissions.

So I tested the website myself and quickly found out that there were a lot of things left out in most reviews. So I decided to write this review so you can see what you really need to consider before joining the website.

Let me just make it clear right away that you can actually earn money on Ouo.io – but that does not necessarily mean it is a good use of time and there are some important things you need to think about before investing your valuable time.

So let’s start by going over how it works before getting to the basic income potential of the site.

Option 1 – Earn by shortening URL links
The main thing ouo.io offers is that you can simply shorten a URL link and then get paid to share it.

It is free to sign up.

After you join it, you just take a URL link and paste it with the click of a button, it is shortened.

This might seem like an easy way to income at first but there are some important things you have to understand.

Firstly, you won’t make money by shortening the link on Ouo.io Dashboard. You have to share it online to make money.

When people click the link you have shared, they will be taken to an ad page before they get to the destination URL.

That’s how you can earn. Advertisers will pay to be visible on the ad page you send the audience to and you will get a cut of this.

So the more audience you send, the more money you will make (later I will explain the details about how much you can earn).

The concept is very simple as you can see and it is possible to make money like this.

However, there are some things that make it less appealing, in my opinion, and I will explain all about this later in this review.

Let’s first go over the second way you can make money on the Ouo.io website.

Option 2 – Invite people to join the Ouo.io website
There is one more way you can make money on the Ouo.io website.

That is by inviting other people to join and use the website.

After you join, you will get a referral link you can share with other people. If they join through that link, you will make a commission.

You will make twenty percent of any referral you have earned on the ouo.io website. They will make the same and this percentage will be paid by the ouo.io website.

This can be a way to make money more passively and this is one of the reasons you will see a lot of reviews just trying to convince you it is a great platform to join without telling you some important things.

Let me just make it clear that it definitely can be a way to make money if you know a lot of other people you can invite.

But to see exactly how much you can make money by inviting people, we need to look into the general earning potential of the ouo.io website.

How much money can you earn on the Ouo.io website?

As I told you earlier, the more traffic you generate to the URL links you have shortened with the Ouo.io website, the more you will make money.

According to the website itself, you can make huge money in this way.

How much you make money will depend on the traffic you send – most importantly what country the traffic is from.

The highest paying is traffic from Australia, where you will get five dollars per one thousand visitors. You can see other country’s payout rates below.

Country  –  Earn per 1000 Views

Australia –  USD $5
United Kingdom –  USD $4.3
United States –  USD $4.1
Norway –  USD $4
Canada –  USD $3.38
Sweden –  USD $3.36
Germany –  USD $2.3
South Africa –  USD $1.88
Finland –  USD $1.88
Poland –  USD $1.83
Japan –  USD $1.8
Spain –  USD $1.7
Ireland –  USD $1.65
New Zealand –  USD $1.65
Netherlands –  USD $1.65
Brazil –  USD $1.65
All Other Country – USD $1.5

According to the Ouo.io website, they give the best payout rates. But be very skeptical about this claim.

I have tested quite a lot of similar websites and they all claim to have the highest rates. In my experience, the payout rates on the Ouo.io website are, however, not the highest.

There are, for example, websites like Exe.io and ShrinkEarn that for some countries pay higher. But which website is best to use does depend a lot on the countries you are planning to send traffic from.

However, be aware that the earnings are per one thousand visitors you send. That is a lot of visitors.

In the lowest-paying countries, you will only get 1.5 dollars for sending one thousand visits.

If you have not worked with traffic generation before it might seem easy to you. But I can tell you that generating this type of traffic is not so easy and you need a lot of traffic to make any money and be aware the traffic you send has to be real visitors. If not, you will end up getting banned.

So there is no easy way around this and, therefore, you need to really know how to generate traffic to make money. And if you know how to do this, there are ways that are more effective to make money, in my experience (more about this later)

How will you get paid?

It is also important to know how you can get your earnings out if you decide to join the Ouo.io website.

It actually offers some good options and this is the best aspect of the website, in my opinion.

Ouo.io payment

After making money, You can get your earnings out via PayPal, Payoneer, or Payeer.

The payments are sent automatically on the 1st and 15th of every month by ouo.io.

To get your earnings you just need to be aware that there is a threshold you need to reach in a certain period. For PayPal and Payeer it is five dollars and for Payoneer, it is fifty dollars.

If you do not reach that in a certain period, the earnings will continue over to the next period until you have made enough money for a payout.

Overall good payout methods and a fairly low-payout threshold for some of the methods.

Is it safe and worth it?

There are especially 2 important aspects you would like to think about before investing time on the Ouo.io website and these are the aspects I often think are overlooked when people review the Ouo.io website.

You need to think about how safe it is and if it will be worth the effort compared to other ways of making money online.

How safe is it?
When it comes to how safe it is I am not only talking about how safe it is for you. Consider how safe it’s for people who click the connections.

You are the one who has shared the links and if it’s not safe for the people clicking it, they’re going to never trust you again. this may hurt your long-term opportunities to form money.

What’s more, you presumably additionally don’t need it to be perilous as you probably are aware how disappointing it very well may be to click awful URL joins on the web so you need to try not to do this to other people.

I would say that the Ouo.io site is protected in the manner that you will get paid. However, in the wake of testing it, I need to say I’m extremely dubious about a large number of the promotions emerging and in this way the manner they’re introduced.

It isn’t sufficient for individuals to just snap one catch to in any case the objective URL once they go to the advertisement page.

When they click, they’re taken to a different page – in some cases a page that will ask them to download something.

Also, I tested it myself and tried going to the destination URL but I just kept getting all types of pop-up ads and notifications.

I actually never managed to find the way to the destination URL.

This appears to be very malicious to me and truly, I could download nothing or say yes to any warnings from these sorts of promotions and pop-ups.

It was a terrible user experience and really frustrating. and that I even work full-time online and never managed to seek out the destination URL.

Can you imagine how this might then be for people to click these links?

Actually, I may never send any guests into this kind of promotion maze though I do realize I could make a dash of extra cash that way.

Is it worth it?
You might not care about the user experience for others as long as you earn (you, however, should if you want to build a long-term earning).

But albeit that’s the case, sharing URLs will probably still not be the foremost effective thanks to earning, in my opinion.

By and by, I trust it’ll hurt your standing because the client experience is extremely poor so individuals will prevent confiding in joins from you.

Trust and quality are fundamental if you could get a kick out of the chance to make a drawn-out business and you should, consequently, not disparage this.

In addition to the present, if you recognize the way to generate traffic, you’ll be able to earn a great deal a lot of through, for instance, an affiliate promoting wherever you in most cases will earn a great deal a lot of for your traffic.

And this can be undoubtedly necessary to contemplate thus you employ some time within the best method.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is ouo.io a legit site or a scam?

Yes, ouo.io is a legit site

Is ouo.io a good website for making money?

Yes, of course. You can make money from this website.

How will you get paid on ouo.io?

They send payment using PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

Final finding

Ouo.io will be how to earn online – however, it’s undoubtedly not an honest choice for all.

So let’s finish this review by summation the pros and cons so you’ll get a far better overview before deciding if it’s for you or not:


  • Free to join
  • You can join from all countries


  • Very low earning potential
  • You have no control of the ads shown
  • People might lose trust in links from you
  • It is very hard for people to ever get to the destination URL

In general, you’ll bring in a bit of extra money by shortening and sharing links on Ouo.io. interestingly, it’s liberal to join and direct to ask began.

Be that as it may, the procuring potential is amazingly low, as I would see it. What’s more, also to the present, I feel the client experience for individuals tapping the connections is horrendous and this will hurt your standing and you’re drawn-out pay potential.

At the point when it includes bringing in cash on the web, you should consistently think long haul. Consequently, Ouo.io isn’t an alternative I can prescribe as to how to acquire on the web.

I just think there are better approaches to take a position some time on the off chance that you might want to frame cash on the web.

Are there simpler ways to earn online?

There are quite a lot of other simpler ways to earn online than Ouo.io, in my experience.

If you would like to form real money online and potentially build a full-time income, this is often definitely possible. it’ll take time and energy but it can really be worthwhile and it’s possible to find out regardless of your background.

Personally, I even have had the foremost success with affiliate marketing and am now ready to make a living from this that creates it possible on behalf of me to figure from anywhere completely on my very own terms.

So if you’re curious about earning in a simpler way and are willing to place within the time it takes, you ought to definitely learn more about affiliate marketing.

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