Review of Scam or legit?

Would you like to get 20 paid perspectives from 1 IP? Rate from $3.5 to $20 CPM sounds intriguing? Attempt

LinkSpy is an advertisement worker for URL shorteners. It implies that you can utilize not many URL shorteners in a single apparatus.

The greatest advantage of utilizing LinkSpy is income help. You can procure even 100% more from similar traffic.

How can it function?

  1. You need to connect not many URL shorteners to LinkSpy utilizing API keys.
  2. Make short connections utilizing a structure or API
  3. LinkSpy will make short connections in completely connected shorteners
  4. Distribute joins on the Internet
  5. LinkSpy will pick joins with the higher conceivable rate for current clients dependent on the spot and perspectives to restrict in 24h period.
  6. You will improve rates and considerably more paid impressions, so you will procure more!

You will get compensated by connected URL shorteners.

Different advantages:

Connections lifetime – your connections stay dynamic regardless of whether:

  • You need to leave one of the Url shorteners or your record will be restricted. LinkSpy will divert your traffic to different shorteners.
  • One of the Url shorteners will be closed down. Your connections stay dynamic and will be utilized with different shorteners.
  • You choose to utilize one of the new Url shorteners added to LinkSpy. We will utilize your present connections for that.

Realtime insights – you can break down your traffic and the change of Url shorteners. You can perceive how much traffic did you ship off every shortener and contrast it and impressions tallied by them.

Pay enhancement – your profit will be separated into not many Url shorteners, so if there should arise an occurrence of any installment issues, you will not lose the entirety of your cash.

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